According to the Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study, the most popular month to get married was June. However, December is also a great idea for those who envision a winter wonderland wedding day.

While getting married in December may seem non-traditional, that is the way the trends are shifting. Non-traditional weddings are all the rage, and more brides and grooms are changing their thinking on their special day to be more modern, and less conventional.

This is due to Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 2004, who have come to revolutionize standards of thinking concerning coffee drinking to workforce management and everything in between.

Turns out, weddings are just one of the components Millennials have changed. Here is a list of Millennial wedding trends that are gaining speed all over the nation.

1. Unplugged ceremonies

Many think Millennials are consistently attached to their phones, but when it comes to weddings, this is untrue. InStylereports unplugged wedding ceremonies are on the rise, as more couples are asking guests to turn off their phones and just enjoy the moment.

2. Honeyfunds

Instead of buying the newlyweds a new toaster or some linens, Millennials would much rather spend their money giving their friends a unique, honeymoon experience rather than some material good.

3. Say goodbye to matching

Brides are becoming more flexible than ever and are not requiring their bridesmaids to wear matching outfits. Alternatively, they are opting for outfits they will want to wear after the wedding, including rompers, skirts and blouses, or cocktail dresses.

4. Creative dining

Long gone are the days of a sit down dinner, and in are the food trucks, buffet bars, and brunch options. Couples now want a more creative way to cater their wedding with food that will leave an impression on the guests.

5. Circular seating

Let’s face it, sitting in rows facing the couple won’t always give the best view. To get around this issue, couples are choosing to implement circular seating all around the altar. In fact, this alternative trend is up 80% in search volume since last year.

Turns out the Millennials may have some good ideas up their sleeves, after all.